Navigation Equipment

Magayon will have some basic naviation equipment:

    • - Compass
    • - Log
    • - Depth sounder
    • - Chart Plotter
    • - Chart table
    • - UHF radio
  • Log and Depth Sounder

For the depth sounder I had originally made an attachement that would be located on one hull and ensured that the sensor surface is horizontally oriented. However, this attachement turned out to be quite bulky due to the steep angle of the hull side walls and I was worried that it provides some serious resistance and reduce speed. The draft of the Tiki is very shallow, and because it is a catamaran it is not so critical if it touches ground. One would only need the depth sensor when looking for an anchoring ground, so it could be manually put in the water when needed.

 Building Magayon, February 2014  Magayon, February 2013
The combination instrument at the port hull
cockpit side    
Original fitting of the depth sounder holder
(idea abandoned)



  • Building Magayon II
    • The depth sounder / log cabinet open. The depth sounder calbe can be attached this way.
  • Building Magayon II

    The log/ depth sounder cabinet closed.

    • Chart Plotter

  • An Ipad will serve as a chart plotter. The Charts for the Philippines cost less than US$ 50 and Ipads are in use by the family so this is the most cost effective solution.

  • We also bougth a handheld radio for safety purposes, even if in some cases in the Philippines UHF radio was less effective than mobile phones for calling for help.

    Building Magayon 2
  • Figure above: Holder for standard sized IPAD and UHF radio on charging station in the port cabin.
  • To be continued...



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