Finishing the Interior of the Hulls

It took some time to come up with decisions about how much work to put into the interior. When sailing Magayon (1) we hardly used the cabin, basically because it was most of the time it was too hot.

Magayon 2 Interior Layout Magayon 2 will have two sleeping places for six, four in the cabins and two in the cockpit.  Only the two main bunks (called Captain and Guest 1) in the picture on the left will have thick mattraces. Bunks for Guest 2 and Guest 3 will have relatively thin mattraces that can be stowed away easily. If sleeping space in the cockpit for two additional guests are needed camping mattraces can be used.

The port hull will be the command center with all the major electrics installed here.

The central switchboard, navigation table and log and depth sounder will be here. It also has a Ipod controlled car radio.


The port hull will have a simple bucket toilet.

 Both hulls have two speakers each, wired crosswise so that there is a stereo effect in each hull but also in the cockpit.

 The starboard hull will have a 120l fresh water tank with pump and faucet for drinking water and cooking. It will also have a single flame alcohol cook stove, some basic electrics for lights, power outlets and for the bilge pump. 


Magayon 2 Interior Layout








To be continued...



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