Moving to Talisay

After the electrical system in the port hull is completed we moved the hull to our newly rented boathouse on Talisay. It has exactly the right size to fit the assembled boat, has electricity and can be locked. So we can complete the building there without having to clean up and lock up tools each time we leave. 


Magayon 2 also got company from Lemony. The little optimist will get some overhaul and some provisions for rowing so that she can be used as a dingi for Magayon 2. 

Magayon 2We were really lucky to find the boat house at Walter's place. It has just the right size so that the boat can be assembled inside. It is lockable and therefore it can be used as a workshop and the tools can be left lying around without getting legs. And ist protects from the climate. State of the art, quite rare here. The next step is to put some lighing and power outlets in there, the previous tennant had ripped everything out when he abandoned the place which he had used for a power boat.


  Magayon 2Mission accomplished

Mission accoplished - for now.


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