Electrical Stuff

I have the intention to build the boat in a way that it could be sold easily in Europe. It therefore needs a proper electrical system. After all, the electrics of Sancara, which I designed and implemented, was a serious marketing point when Sancara was sold.

Design specifications:

1. Lighting according to international regulations.

2. Minimized power consumption, all light should be LED lights.

3. It should have a power grid connection for land power supply in marinas. That of course would include a 110-220V battery charger

4. Solar panels for battery charging

5. Each hull has an automatic bilge pump with manual override

6. Electronic log and depth sounder in one combination instrument

7. Two cockpit speakers and one additional speaker inside each hull. IPod enabled car stereo that can be controlled via the IPad from the cockpit.

8. Connectors for SatNav, radio and other navigation equipment

9. Connector for peltier cool box

10. One connector for other devices in each hull

11. Drinking water pump in starboard hull

12. To maximize the lifetime of the LED electronic LED voltage stabilizers are installed in each hull. For long (overnight) trips they can be turned off to safe energy.

13. All electrical connections done according to the state of the art using suitable electrical connectors and cable end sleeves.

I started designing the electrics with the CAD software EAGLE, which has a free version just sufficient for projects like this. It started out quite simple, I then ordered electrical components and as a result the design increased in complexity. 

The Central Switchboard

Most electrical functions are controlled from the central switchboard in the port in the main bulkhead with the main connector borad just behind it in a small cabinet.

 Building Magayon II Magayon 2 
 Central Switchboard Main Connector Board behind the Central Switchboard


The Main Power Supply

The main power supply connectors are in another cabinet in the port hull companion hatchway. This contains the battery charger for the shore connection, a solar battery charger and the connectors for the lines to the starboard hull and two 220 V Outlets. The upper part of the cabinet contains the cockpit speaker. It has two different covers, one with holes for sound inside the cabin and a closed one for maximum base in the cockpit.

Magayon 2  Magayon II Magayon 2   
 Main Power Supply cabinet  Shore connection battery charger  Cabinet and speaker compartment 


Connector Box in the Port Hull

The starboard hull also contains a small cabinet at the compagnion hatchway that accommodates the connectors, solar battery charger, electronics for the starboard ull bilge pump and an LED power supply. A separate compartment contains the starboard hull cockpit speaker. This is equipped with a drainage hole exiting to the cockpit in case the speaker membrane gets damaged and water penetrates the compartment. At the top of the cabinet are the switches for cabin light and bilge pump.

Building Magayon 2 Building Magayon 2 Building Magayon 2 
 Starboard hull switchboard Starboard hull   Switches for starboard hull lights and bilge pump



For music we are using a standard car radio which can be controlled by an Ipop or Iphone. 

 Magayon 2 Building Magayon 2 
Radio Compartment     Radio and Chart Table Light


There are many connections for various purposes. Below are just some.

Building Magayon 2   Building Magayon 2    Building Magayon 2   
 Connector for mast light (top) and cockpit light (bottom)  Sore connection connector  Shore connection established 

Solar panels

A total of three thin film solar panels (four planned) with 140W (180W) are glued onto the port sections of the hulls and connected via 4 individual solar chargers to the battery. 

Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014  Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

Navigation Lights

Battery and Main Switch

Once the major components were installed in the port hull, cables connected, charging cirquit and lights working, it was time to move the port hull to Talisay to start completing the boat. The electrical system of the starboard hull was installed in Talisay. 

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