There are some things to do before launch:


  1. Finish the outboard motor bracket (almost done).
  2. Make angles for outboard bracket and fit to cockpit (done).
  3. Finish the gaff.
  4. Finish the tiller connection rod and make a tiller extension.
  5. Blocks that prevent the bow crossbeam from moving sideways.
  6. Fitting the reinforcement boards of the bow crossbeam lashing pads.
  7. Fitting the canvas seats.
  8. Fitting the trampoline.
  9. Lining the anchor compartment with foam
  10. Design a bathing ladder.
  11. Electrical connection of masttop light
  12. Sort out the mast and halyards
  13. Finish electrics
    1. Electrical connection, starboard hull.
    2. Buy last solar panels and fit.
    3. Buy battery and mount.
  14. Test
    1. Test electrical system.
    2. Test fresh water tank.
  15. Assemble the rig.
  16. Launch (next weekend)

In 2016

  1. Disassemble.
  2. Final finish of unpainted parts.
  3. Convert the Opti into a dinghi

Sailing to Pandan Island for Christmas is a realistic option.






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