Yesterday, December 6: The assembly is as good as completed

We finished the major bulk of work and assembled the boat except for the rig on Friday, December 5. To be able to launch before Christmas we decided to to the final paintjob on the cross beams and the cockpit in 2016. So these parts are just covered with primer, but they look actually OK.

We wanted to launch this weekend but the approaching super typhoon Hagupit sort of spoilt the mood, you don't want to be out on the lake the first time with a new boat that still might have problmes with a major storm arriving. So we will launch next weekend.

Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

Above: Coating the port bow hatch with rubber as protection from the heavy anchor and chain, a very invonvenient job, postponed to the last minute. 

Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

 Mattresses made from closed cell foam so that they could be used as floats in case of emmergency. Thicker than a camping mattress, but obviosuly not as compfortable as the bed at home. Left: the main berth ; Right: emmergency berth.


Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014 Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

I borrowed Matty's 8hp longshaft outboard motor (rigth). Two gasoline tanks strapped into the cockpit (left). Bathing ladder made from a household aluminium ladder, we will see how sea water resistant the stuff is (right). The tiller system in red with a tiller extension. 


Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014 Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

 Left: The trampolin, Miriam already claimed it as her sleeping quarter. Removable compass below the mast foot on the center cross beam. The hatches and the cabins have one solar powered ventilator each for removing damp air. Right: Mavic removing century old masking tapes that were used to protect the paint while working on the hulls. 


Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014

Assembly completed

To prepare the launch next weekend the carts with the wheels were put under the hull and balanced with around 20 kg excess weight on the bow. For four people it should be easy to roll the boat down to the ramp and in the water.


Magayon Final Assembly, Dec 7, 2014




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