Getting Some Help With Building The Hulls

June 2011: At the speed the building was going at this point of time we would be sailing in 10 years, or maybe never. Martin therefore looked for alternatives like hiring some local people to build the hulls. But good local craftsmen are difficult to find and in high demand and the disaster of building Magayon, which fell apart after only six years due to lousy construction, did not make this option a very attractive one. After some research on the internet we found an accredited, professional Wharram builder in Bohol, called Junction Boatworks. We then decided to have the hulls and the mast built by Junction Boatworks. We wold continue building the third cross beam, cockpit and the gaff. We assumed that if everything works out fine we could be sailing on Easter 2012.

Martin flew to Bohol in June for a weekend to discuss the project with Andy Smith, the owner. 

Andy Smiths Boatyard

The picture shows another Wharram design being completed at the time of the visit at the Junction Boatworks boatyard.

Overall Junction Boatworks left a good impression so Martin asked for a draft contract for two hulls and the mast 'according to the plans' and after some discussions and revisions the contract was signed by both parties.


The first payment was made and Andy's men went to work. They constructed the hulls in stich and glue technique without a building frame. A steel keel was proposed by Andy with additional charge. After some argument about having ordered the hulls "according to the plans" and the steel keel is included in the plans we setteled for half the amount. 

Steel Keel Photo Keel

 Hullst turned around for mounting the steel keel.

Hulls Up (1)

August 2011: Hulls up stage

Andi sent the pictures, what it meant besides the good news about progress was that the next payment was due.

Tiki 26: Ready for Print Stage

September 2011: Ready for painting stage

Work progressed accordign to schedule, actually a bit too fast for our taste since we had not figured out the next steps, shipping to Luzon. Anyway, the next payment was made and the work progressed further.

Tiki26: Paint stage

October 2011: Paint stage

The hulls are almost complete, Junctoin Boatworks sends the Photos. Time to think about shipping arrangements and make the last payment.

 OK, so the next thing to do was getting the completed hulls to Lake Taal. Easy, one should think.

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