Yamaha TTR250

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My new purchase, July 2008. Sold almost 8 years later on February 1, 2016. 


Bought in Los Banos in these fairy colors.


Martin TTR Dec09

Ideal traveling gear, tank back pack, waterproof bags, lots of straps and protector jacket. 


Yamaha TTR250

It actually had a proper H4 light, not one of this rectangular toy things that keep you in the dark.



Something to get used to, digital instruments. Not my thing.



Still very fairy like colors. In the meantime I got the BMW R75/5 so the Yamaha became my Toy bike.


Pandan 2010 008_JFR

Strapped to the wall in the ferry going to Abra de Ilog on the way to Pandan island.



Maya Maya, Nasugbu



Trip around Mindoro





Lake Taal


Yamaha TTR250

Juts before selling it on February 1, 2016 


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