Restoration, the plan

The main points of the initial restoration plan:


  • Overhauling Crankshaft (in Germany)
  • Overhauling Cylinder heads (in Germany)
  • Instead of re-boring the cylinders, fit a Siebenrock power kit
  • Overhaul the carburetors (a gasket kit for each should do)
  • New right handle with proper throttle cables
  • Re-fit choke
  • New ignition timer


  • Sand blast and repaint the frame
  • Fit new seat for 2
  • Put rear shocks in original position

So I started to take the cow apart and with each part I removed it became clearer that it would have to be a full restoration job. Few parts were original. The ones still original were worn or broken. Once you have taken a bike apart to a certain level you don't want to put it back together with many of the parts not fixed and risk having to take it apart again the next year.

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