Restoration Summary

The pictures below show that progress of the restoration, which stretched over almost two years because of repeated problems with spare part purchases and repair jobs of components.

 Condition of the Gummikuh in July 2009  The target, just in black
 September 2009, testing the engine after re-assembling it
 October 2009, the engine completely re-built, frame re-painted
but still waiting for parts
 December 10, 2009.  December 10, 2009. The gearbox still missing

30 January 2010: While still waiting for the instrument
in the lamp the R75 is assembled, the engine
tested and the carbs adjusted.

 There is still a lot to do, it needs a new exhaust, the original
round valve covers and a smaller back wheel. Original shock absorbers
at the back would also be nice.
(Click on the Photo for a big one).
 January 2011

 January 2011: Traditional valve covers, new exhaust
pipes from Polo, stainless steel battery covers, original
size back wheel, side mirrors, and
reconditioned carburetors.

 Restored original 750 ccm since the Siebenrock power kit with
1000 ccm was too much for the small battery and old
electric starter.



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