Experiences with re-build BMW Boxer parts in the Tropics

For the restauration of my BMW R75/5 I had bought several parts that were not original BMW spare parts but re-produced according to the original desing specifications or newly designed for better performance. This page intends to give some feedback about the quality of these parts. Since I live in the humid tropics (Philippines) the environment is not typical and can not be compared with the climate in Europe. But I believe that this is still useful information because parts age faster here than they do back home and I am running into problems after one or two years which customers Europe might have after 5-10 years. The benchmark for quality would be the original parts, it is hard to compare them since they are not available.

Siebenrock power kit.

See separate page for the link.

Seat with Cromium plated handle bar

Bought at Bayer Motorradhandel, Germany. I don't know the source. Condition after three years is quite depressing:  

Sailing Croatia, 2012 Sailing Croatia, 2012

Compared to the original BMW parts that were chromium plated, which are still in reasonable condition with only a few rust spots, this is really crap quality.

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